MLM SCRIPTS: Recruiting and Handling Objections

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Learn How To Answer The Most Common MLM Objections!

"In a style that's as captivating (and humorous) as it is informative

and direct, author Lewis Smile uses the compass of the human experience to

navigate readers through the real obstacles that cause stagnancy in recruitment and growth."

- R. H. Ellison

In MLM Scripts, Lewis Smile takes the most common Network Marketing objections and dismantles them, revealing the thought process behind each, giving you the answers that satisfy what your prospect is really asking.

In each section you will discover not only the answer to each objection, but the reasoning behind each answer. MLM Scripts gets to the heart of what each objection is really asking, and how to answer it in the most effective way.

At the heart of every objection is the overriding fear of making the wrong decision. With proper study and planning, you can be deftly dance around each objection, putting your prospect at ease by answering their specific concerns, and speaking directly to the thought process at the heart of each of their questions.

"When signing someone up to this business it is certain you

will hear at least one of the objections in this book and with the answers

and logic in this book you'll be able to put anyone's mind at ease."

- Jeffrey H

Armed with this knowledge you will be able to neutralise objections before they even come up in conversation, perhaps before your prospects even think of them. Improving your understanding of why people raise each objection gives you a clearer view than ever before of the process of recruiting.

You can be recruiting like an old pro, with years of experience and thousands of signups under her belt.

You can build a downline that never stops growing, and you can pass these skills on to your team members. Immediately download years of experience, in a matter of minutes.

This book is for you if:

  • You are already in Network Marketing

  • You want a deeper understanding of your prospect's point of view

  • You want to build your business faster

  • You want to equip your growing team with the right tools for the job

  • You want to fast track your training

"This book was exactly what I needed to guide me through

some of the questions that have been coming up. Written clearly and

succinctly, it not only told you what to say, but gave you the psychology behind

the sales so you understand WHY you would answer in this manner."

- Kelly B

After reading this book, you will easily be able to answer all of the following objections:

  1. A job is more secure...

  2. I know someone who failed...

  3. I don't do selling!

  4. This sounds too good to be true...

  5. Isn't MLM just a pyramid scheme?

  6. Can you GUARANTEE me a large income?

  7. I can't afford to run a business...

  8. I just don't have the time...

If you don't know how and why to answer each and every one of these most common objections, you are undoubtedly losing potential signups...

Published on February 2018

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